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Center of Ylivieska (Finland) where I lived from 1998 to 1999 - so, before the euro. My nick name yli orginates from my stay in Ylivieska

Welcome to my NIG stats.
I have created some extra and included some links. If you have any comments, questions or something else don't hesitate to contact me at
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Netherlands The Netherlands

Some usefull links

Volg je Eurobankbiljetten
EBT forum
My dotmap (Google Maps)


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Nederland * Österreich * Slovenija * Slovensko * Suomi


Hofer (postal code information)
Služba Vlade Republike Slovenija (Občine information - number in link in Občine number)

ernie @ ebt.eu

Photobucket.com image hosting and photo sharing

Deutsch English Français Nederlands
Lëtzebuergesch Slovenčina (sk) Slovenščina (si) Suomi Eesti

Google maps taalhulpmiddelen

Albert Heijn supermarkt The Netherlands / Albert Heijn supermarkt in Belgium

Public transport sites

Belgium Belgium

De Lijn buscompany of Flandres
NMBS / SNCB Belgian Railways

Germany Germany

Deutsche Bahn Germany Railways (and all European trains)

Netherlands The Netherlands

9292ov.nl all public transport of The Netherlands
Nederlandse Spoorwegen Dutch Railways



EBT googleoverlay
Geodatenzentrum (Germany)